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  • Plumfield Academy is committed to providing a safe, highly structured environment where change and growth can occur through achievement and positive reinforcement, with the goal of positive reintegration with family and the wider community.

A New Direction Makes A Difference

Some boys face difficulties in life that can start them on a downward spiral. For almost 50 years Plumfield Academy’s dedicated team has helped boys change direction and rise above their challenges. Founded in 1964 by the parents of children with special needs, Plumfield Academy has developed into one of the most successful residential care and education programs of its kind. 

Plumfield Academy serves boys ages 6 through 18 who have emotional and behavioral challenges that may be negatively impacting their ability to function successfully with family, friends and in school. At Plumfield Academy, anxiety, fear and a sense of failure are replaced with life skills, academic achievement, and a strong sense of accomplishment.

Plumfield Academy is a member of The California Alliance of Child and Family Services.